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SERC Physical Therapy

Posted by Invasion at Nov 13, 2018 1:48PM PST ( 0 Comments )

SERC Physical Therapy is here for Invasion Volleyball’s sports medicine needs!

SERC offers FREE injury screens for your athlete, no insurance or copay needed. Call ahead to make your appointment and we will do everything we can to get you scheduled the same day.

The screen is a 10 –15 minute evaluation by one of their physical therapists who specialize in sports musculoskeletal injuries. After your screen, the physical therapists can recommend a specialist physician for further evaluation; get you set up for physical therapy; or give you home exercises and treatment options, depending on what your injury needs are. And if an injury happens outside of our clinic hours, see below for the therapists who will be on call for you during nights and weekends. Hope you have a healthy and successful season!

Here is a list of SERC offices with Physical Therapists to screen Invasion athletes!

Spirt Wear Stores OPEN

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Invasion is excited to re-open BOTH Spirit Wear/Gear Stores. All orders will arrive in time for Christmas! Check out the links below to place your order.

Non-Nike Invasion Gear:
*This store contains Super Soft Hoodies, Sweatpants, Super Soft T-Shirts, Tanks, & 1/4 Zips
Closes 11/25/18
***Items will be given to Parent Reps to distribute.

Nike Spirit Wear and Extra Gear Store:
*This store will have Nike Spandex, Extra Practice Shirts, Socks, Backpacks, Shoes, Etc.
Closes 11/19/18
***Orders will be shipped directly to your home.

Inclement Weather

Posted by Invasion at Nov 8, 2018 12:10PM PST


Parents, Players, and Coaches need to use their best judgment when deciding to drive to/from practices during inclement weather. The safety of our Invasion family is more important than getting to a volleyball practice. That being said, our facilities rarely close for bad weather so unless you hear differently all practices will continue as scheduled. Please contact your coach beforehand if you will be missing a session and if you have any questions regarding cancellations.
***No player will be penalized if they cannot attend a session due to the weather.

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11's HOA Regional Schedule

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Here’s the link to this weekend’s schedule:

The tournament will be OKUN Field house in Shawnee, KS

5 Team Pools – Two 25 point sets. No cap, beginning at 4-4

All teams will advance to playoffs on Sunday. Sunday Tournament play will be best two of three 25 point sets, no cap, beginning at 4-4; third set to 15 points, switch at 8 points, no cap. Sunday Tournament play schedule will be in the team packet. All teams are pre- seeded into Play-off Brackets. Check the play-off brackets before you leave the facility and make sure you take notice of officiating assignments.

All teams are scheduled to play in Sunday tournament (bracket) play. There will be no tie-breaking sets to get into tournament play.

Tie-breaking procedures: If match play:
1) Head to head match result
2) Head to head set results
3) Head to head point differential 4) Overall set results
5) Overall Point differential
6) Flip a coin

If set play:
1) Head to head set results
2) Head to head point differential 3) Overall Point differential
4) Flip a coin

Teams who loose on Sunday will officiate the next match on that court. Some teams will have to officiate a match Sunday morning before they start play. Sunday officiating teams are assigned on the tournament bracket.

Do not leave Saturday without checking with the site director about officiating & playing assignments for Sunday.

Feb. 11th - Centerline Invitational 11 Combined

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Here is the schedule for Sunday, Feb. 11th at Centerline.

We are Invasion 11-2.