HOA Glen Davis Scholarship

Posted by Invasion on May 05 2015 at 06:42AM PDT in 2015

The Glen Davies Volleyball Scholarship fund is now accepting applications for the 2015/16 season. The Foundation awards scholarships on a need basis to Junior Club Volleyball players in the Heart of America Region. Applications are due BY August 10, 2015.

Glen Davies, perhaps the most highly touted referee in USA Volleyball history, officiated in the first four Olympics that included volleyball. He is the only person who has ever served as the first referee for both the men’s and women’s Olympic gold medal matches and refereed in more than 21 countries. Glen traveled the world for the sport he loved and was a terrific ambassador for volleyball, our country and for USAV. Much of USAVB’s stature and credibility internationally is due to his actions, quality, fabulous personality and warmth. Davies was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame in 1989.

Glen Davies was one of many key contributors to the creation and success of the Heart of America Volleyball Association (HOA) Our ability to hold multi court tournaments is the result of Glen forming an idea where he introduced the use of sport court to the game, found new venues outside of the traditional high school gym and went out into the community with gusto to recruit people to form teams and share his passion for playing the game.