Concord CLOSED

Posted by Invasion on Nov 20 2017 at 08:47AM PST

Reminder: Concord is CLOSED up through the middle of December as the floor is completely replaced following the vandalism. Please make sure you check with your coach on all schedule changes.

Also, Christmas in the Park will begin on Nov. 22nd. View High Drive will be GREATLY impacted by this event (think a line of cars waiting for 3 hrs). Please use an alternative route when entering the Longview Rec. Center Parking Lot. There is a 2nd entrance further down off Longview Rd. and this will be the best one to use until after the new year if you are scheduled at Longview Sundays-Thursday, 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM.

Here’s the link to Christmas in the Park if you’d like more information:


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