ATTENTION: Online Officiating Clinics

Posted by Invasion on Nov 13 2017 at 04:14PM PST

We strongly recommend all clubs to get their players and coaches to start on the officiating clinics ASAP. Do not wait till the last minute to complete these. Almost all clinics begin with a quiz. If the player or coach can pass the quiz, they do not need to view the videos.* All players will have to complete the officiating clinics this year.*

To find out which clinics everybody has to take, you can now find a handy tool under the Juniors Tab, called the Clinic Wizard. Select your category and it will tell you exactly which clinics you will need to register for.

To register for all clinics, go to your Webpoint (Individual Registration) account and find the tab “Region Clinics” on your left. Find the correct clinic and select the Participant Registration option. Once you have registered for your clinics, you will go to the USAV Academy (red button) to watch the modules.

You can also click here for the link to the Clinic Wizard


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